Ernests Vītiņš. Within the Glass Labyrinth


From February 1 to March 17, the exhibition hall "Riga Art Space" will feature a solo exhibition of the artist Ernests Vīriņš "In the Labyrinth of Glass", displaying a new sculptural glass installation.

Each individual's path of life is exhilarating, at times eerie, at times deceptive, enticing and all-embracing labyrinth. The creative route of the glass sculptor Ernests Vītiņš has been a process of dead-ends, illusions and exploration. By striving for something unique, the artist discovered the glass layering technique, and since then he has systematically developed and improved his signature style. The motivation of the artist brought him to monumental glass art, which is an unusual format in Latvian contemporary art. Discovering how demanding glass layering can be, a compilation of patience, precision, constructive and creative vision and manual work, this is an exhibition in the form of a glass labyrinth displaying the glass sculptures of the artist Ernests Vītiņš. 

Artist Ernests Vītiņš (1984) has become more recognised in the recent years due to his grandiose, 22 ton, hand-made glass sculpture "In nature" in the foyer of the Natural Sciences Center of the University of Latvia. Just now, his second architectural glass artwork was put into operation - a breathtaking, vertically layered glass wall in the newly-built Science Building of the University of Latvia. Until then, the artist successfully developed his glass layering technique, unique in the Latvian art, creating various outdoor and indoor sculptures. In addition to Ernest Vitin Layered Glass design, the artist has created the second art and design concept  - Glasstone - engaged in the development and implementation of a new memorial site concept, that has also been recognised outside Latvia.

Exhibition curators: Katriona Luīze Rožlapa, Luīze Lismane

Layout and implementation: Ernests Vītiņš and "Glasstone."