Luīze Rukšāne's solo exhibition “Clodded Landscapes”

02.09.-16.10.2022. 11:00-18:00

Luīze Rukšāne's solo exhibition “Clodded Landscapes” is on view at the Intro Hall of “Riga Art Space” from 1 September. Exhibition will be open to visitors until 16 October.

Legs wobble as you stumble through the tilled and sun-warmed field covered in clods of earth. It’s impossible to balance your feet on the furrow or in-between. In the August sun, the eyes cannot distinguish the hard clods of earth from stones, and the sun's rays pile up with the straw. A horse (or cow) lies calm and still as a stone in the middle of a field. The distance to the animal seems great and the thought of approaching it immediately seems to push it even further away. Just as it can be impossible to decipher the meaning of a particular memory or feeling. In doing so, the thing in question can be constantly changing or lost.

The exhibition features 24 drawings by Luīze Rukšāne, created over several years by redrawing a digital photograph taken long-ago. With each drawing, the memory and feeling of the place, the moment and the horse in the drawing are reinforced, but it has also become something abstract, which, instead of a specific moment, describes the artist's interest in the human relationship with time and space - how place affects our sense of self and why often insignificant moments stick in the memory for years. Drawing has become a method of looking and thinking for the artist and an attempt to capture something ephemeral and eternally fragile and incomprehensibly significant.

Luīze Rukšāne (1995) is a young artist who graduated in 2021 with a Bachelor's degree in Humanities from the Art Academy of Latvia in Audiovisual and Media Arts, studied at the Faculty of Architecture of Riga Technical University and furthered her studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, as well as at the beekeeping course of the Latvian University of Agriculture. In 2015 she graduated from the Janis Rozentāls Riga Art Secondary School, specializing in painting. She has been creating and participating in exhibitions since 2017. Works in various visual art media, organizes exhibitions of her contemporaries. Two exhibitions are currently in the works, scheduled to open in autumn 2022. In her creative practice, Luīze expresses her love for the human. The drawing technique reflects the themes of growing up, development and memories.

Curated by Renāte Lagzdiņa.

The exhibition is organized by the Association of Culture Institutions of Riga City Council and the exhibition hall “Riga Art Space” with the support of the Riga City Council and the State Culture Capital Foundation and Kokmuiža. Special thanks to Krišs Karnītis.

The exhibition of Kristians Brekte and Modris Svilāns "Latvian Musical Instruments. Experimental Laboratory"

02.09.-16.10.2022. 11:00-18:00

From 1 September, the exhibition of Kristians Brekte and Modris Svilāns "Latvian Musical Instruments. Experimental Laboratory" will be open to visitors in the Large Hall of Riga Art Space. Exhibition will be open to visitors until 16 October.

The experimental laboratory "Latvian Musical Instruments" is a visual art and sound project dedicated to folk instruments, their history and influences, as well as their contemporary re-creation. The initiators of the laboratory are the artist duo Kristians Brekte and Modris Svilāns, in collaboration with the curator Auguste Petre, while the project is based on the research on Latvian music instruments by the traditional music expert, ethno-musicologist Valdis Muktupāvels. Folk instruments are a large and important part of traditional culture and people's lives, and their influence is felt in various rituals and traditions, but it is significant that most often knowledge about the visual and sound properties of instruments has been passed on orally - by memory rather than by specific instruction.

The core of the laboratory are the kinetic and sound objects by K. Brekte and M. Svilāns, whose creation is based on the research of Latvian folk music instruments. Memory-based reconstruction includes the artistic potential to create pieces according to one's own subjective vision. In the context of visual art, any of the created instruments can be given new functions and properties, their appearance can be hyperbolized, or enveloped with new mythological qualities.

The involvement of guest artists is an essential part of the project. During the five evenings of the accompanying programme, guests will conceptually and physically intervene in the development of the exhibition. The exhibition layout provides a performance space for each participant, whose performative intervention becomes an integral part of the exhibition. The laboratory is open to people whose professional activity focuses on sound or instrument research from various aspects. The exhibition also includes instruments from the collection of composer Kārlis Auzāns.


On 1 September, there will be a performance of Andrejs Gradinarovs and Kodeks.

On 22 September at 19.00 - performance by the experimental music group Bērnu rīts.

On 29 September at 17.00 ethno-musicologist Valdis Muktupāvels will give a lecture on Latvian folk instruments.

On 13 October at 19.00 a conversation with the composer and instrument collector Kārlis Auzāns.

The laboratory will conclude with a +K+M+B performance on 15 October at 21.00.


Kristians Brekte (1981) graduated from the Stage Design Department of the Latvian Academy of Arts. He is currently an associate professor at the Art Academy of Latvia and the head of the Environmental Art Department of the Faculty of Design. Since 2003, he has participated in several group exhibitions in Latvia, Europe, as well as in Russia and the USA. He was nominated for the Purvītis Prize for the exhibition “Madonnas of Riga” (2010) and won the title of the Best Foreign Artist under the age of thirty-five at the international contemporary art fair Art Vilnius'12.

Modris Svilāns (1979) graduated from the Metal Design Department of the Art Academy of Latvia. M. Svilāns is an analog photography enthusiast. He has participated in group exhibitions since 2003. In 2012, at the House of Architects, he organized a solo exhibition “Inertia” dedicated to kinetic art objects and black and white photography. Together with K. Brecte, he has organised several joint exhibitions in recent years, including "Negative" at the New Castle in Cēsis and "HELIOS" at the Madona Museum of Regional History and Art.

The exhibition is organized by the Association of Culture Institutions of Riga City Council and the exhibition hall “Riga Art Space” with the support of the Riga City Council,, Erica synths and Kokmuiža. Special thanks to Kārlis Auzāns.