Envija “I am Bad”

28.10.-29.12.2023. 11.00-18.00

From 28 October to 29 December, the solo exhibition “I am Bad” by the painter Envija will be on view at the INTRO Hall of the Riga Art Space

The exhibition is conceived as a territory of expressive, rowdily free painting. It consists of oil paintings in various formats painted over the last two years, as well as some sculptural and ready-made objects. Envija’s works attract with their lushly unmediated painting, where the artist's inner revelations are intertwined with a free movement between painting genres and references to the world masters of painting. 

Envija: “Away from the concrete, away from the narrative, where there is only sensual work with material, it’s about tension of colour and surface, about form without purpose, about expression, the search for form, the fact that it cannot be caught, it’s about naked painting for painting's sake. I don't want a story, I want to be someone who doesn't talk. I want it to be about substance, about lines, squares, curves and colour harmony. Just about the surface tension. Energy doesn't need meaning, energy lives in the brushstroke. Energy is dispassionate about the story. I don't want a story.”

Envija has chosen to use only her first name as her painter's name. In 2021 she graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia in the painting department. She furthered her knowledge of painting at the Art Academy in Gdańsk (2014-2015). Since 2013 she has participated in several group exhibitions in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, and has held four solo exhibitions. Major exhibitions and projects in recent years: ES_TEXT, LNMM, 2022; solo exhibition “Myth for Private Use” at Māksla XO gallery, 2021; Survival Kit 11, 2020; solo exhibition “We Will All Laugh, Mourn, Cry, Laugh Again” at Jūrmala City Museum, 2020; Indulis Zariņš/Ieva Iltnere and Envija, Art Needs Space Summer House at Esplanade, 2019.

The exhibition is organised by the Association of Culture Institutions of Riga City Council Riga Art Space Exhibition Hall, supported by Riga City Council and the State Culture Capital Foundation.

Photo: Pēteris Rūcis



MAREUNROL'S solo exhibition "Fieldwork: Invisible exercises"

03.11.-29.12.2023. 11.00-18.00

From 3 November to 29 December 2023, the exhibition “Fieldwork: Invisible exercises” by the contemporary fashion and art duo MAREUNROL'S will take place in the Great Hall of the Riga Art Space . This will be the most ambitious representation of the artists' visual works to date, in which art is highlighted as a sensory space - the means of visual expression, subject to the concept created by the artists, are the most powerful tools for conveying the truth. 

The exhibition consists of artworks in different media and the entire space is permeated by out-of-sync sound installations that seek to disrupt the harmony that otherwise exists between the works. The exhibition is conceptualised as a journey through several stages/ideas that symbolise MAREUNROL'S current visual practice - the two entrances to the environment created by the two artists mark the beginning of the cycle and the associated acceptance of choice; nature in contact with the turbulence of the urban environment creates a moving picture landscape in which the human is a sculptural work of art. Meditation on creation motivates us to contemplate the principles of truth and to seek the beautiful, but it can often lead to creative burnout. This is followed by elation, exhaustion, a yearning for the unknown. The exhibition is a visual diary of the artists' work, which makes us aware in the most direct way of the processuality of art making - the invisible exercises of mind and practice. The passage of light leads to the end, or the beginning of another cycle. Movement and further exercise are inevitable.

Exhibition curator: Auguste Petre

MAREUNROL'S (Mārīte Mastiņa - Pēterkopa and Rolands Pēterkops) are design boundary pushers and boundary breakers at the same time. Thinkers and storytellers who take clothing (fashion) beyond its usual functionality, using it as a thread to explore the world and the self. Their works are constructions of the mind, imagination and senses that, like sensitive antennae, pick up the vibrations of their time, deconstruct them, extract their essence and visualise them in the universal language of fashion. Thus constantly encouraging us to look at the world from a different perspective. They have participated in numerous international competitions and festivals, biennials and group exhibitions outside Latvia. Including the 12th Prague Quadrennial and the travelling exhibition "ARRRGH! Monsters in Fashion" at the Benaki Museum in Athens and La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris, Riga International Art Biennale (RIBOCA 2). The duo won two top prizes at the 24th International Hyères Fashion and Photography Festival. In 2016, they were among the ten European nominees for the prestigious international Woolmark Fashion Award. In 2019, they published a book as a visual pictorial look back at MAREUNROL'S most striking works. The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Riga presented a retrospective exhibition of MAREUNROL'S works, which became the most visited exhibition of 2019 at the Museum and was nominated for the Latvian Public Media Annual Award in Culture “A Kilogram of Culture” as the Best Visual Art Exhibition of 2019. 

Auguste Petre is an independent curator and producer. She holds a Master's degree in Art History and Curatorial Studies from the Art Academy of Latvia and since 2021 has been studying in the PhD programme at the Latvian Academy of Culture. A. Petre's interests are mainly characterised by the collaboration between art and the social context, as well as the expressions of Latvian artists born in the 1990s. A. Petre has curated more than 20 contemporary art exhibitions with the participation of international artists, she is also the author of several exhibition concepts and accompanying texts, she has been the programme director of the Riga’s Smallest Gallery and is the co-author of the Riga’s Smallest Auctions series. 2023, she created the SEB Global Services contemporary art collection. Co-founder of ASNI art society. Since 2017 she has been working as an art journalist, regularly contributing to Latvian and international media, including as the Baltic Editor at Arterritory.com. The author of several scientific publications, Auguste has been working as a guest lecturer at the Latvian Academy of Culture and the Art Academy of Latvia since 2021.

The exhibition is organised by the Association of Culture Institutions of Riga City Council Riga Art Space Exhibition Hall, supported by Riga City Council, State Culture Capital Foundation, VV Foundation, Latvijas Finieris, LMT, DHL, Tet, Steel Tech, Sixt, Vulcana.

Photo: Pēteris Rūcis