Joint exhibition of Baiba Ābelīte & Visvaldis Asaris “Connections”


From 29 December, the large hall of the Riga Art Space will host a joint exhibition “Connections” by two artists - the daughter Baiba Ābelīte and the father Visvaldis Asaris. It will be open to visitors until 6 February 2022.

The exhibition “Connections” is the result of a cooperation between two different artists - urban contemporary landscape painter Baiba Ābelīte and graphic designer Visvaldis Asaris, whose work in painting is not often exhibited. Although the artists' handwriting and means of artistic expression are radically different, they are united by the theme of their series - the earth.

Visvaldis Asaris’ works in the exhibition are characterised by a gamut of earthy textures, rhythms and interplay of squares, nostalgic layering, expressive textures like the residue of memory imprints. In these works, the artist tackles the Latvian code of the land and soil, bringing it to a golden shine - this is our history and wealth. Meanwhile, Baiba Ābelīte's work focuses on the depiction of urban themes in art, creating paintings on metal, installations and digital art objects that speak about the dynamics of the century, information overload, and the pollution of nature and thought on planet Earth. The work of the two artists will be inseparable in this exhibition, inviting us to perceive it as a whole and a new connection - a fusion.

In the exhibition, the works will be brought to life and viewed virtually using the Overly app, which means that part or even all of the artwork is created by an autonomous system, without the intervention of the artist.

Baiba Ābelīte graduated with honours from the BA and MA programmes of the Painting Department of the Art Academy of Latvia. During her studies, she has had internships in Great Britain, Germany and Norway, where she has created group and solo exhibitions, as well as carried out pedagogical work. During her career, the artist has received several awards - twice the SEB Scholarship in Painting at the LMA Audience Sympathy Award, the Riga City Council Sympathy Award in the competition “Jāzeps Pīgoznis’ Award in Latvian Landscape Painting”, as well as participated in numerous joint exhibitions and art events in Latvia and abroad. Daughter of Visvaldis Asaris.

Visvaldis Asaris is an artist, designer and graphic artist. Graduated from the Riga School of Applied Arts, Department of Decorators, studied design and graphics at Humboldt State University (USA), as well as a Master's degree at the Art Academy of Latvia, Department of Environmental Art. Member of the Latvian Artists' Union and the Latvian Designers' Union. Mostly known as a graphic artist and designer, Visvaldis Asaris shows his painting side in this exhibition. This is the first time he and his daughter Baiba Ābelīte are exhibiting together.

As part of the exhibition, on 29 December at 15.00, a winter concert “Permitted Illusion” will take place. The programme will feature Agnese Egliņa (piano), Guna Šnē (cello), Viktorija Pakalniece (soprano), Rinalds Kandalincevs (baritone). The programme includes music by composers Emīls Dārziņš, Jāzeps Vītols, Tālivalds Ķeniņš, Pēteris Plakids, Imants Zemzārs and Jēkabs Jančevskis. Tickets are available at the exhibition hall Riga Art Space. Entrance fee EUR 7.00, valid COVID-19 vaccination or recovery certificate required.

The exhibition and concert are organised by the Association of Culture Institutions of Riga City Council exhibition hall Riga Art Space, supported by Riga City Council, Riga City Council Department of Education, Culture and Sport.