Pēteris Sidars & Pāvils Raudonis. Between the Visible Borders


From February 2 to March 17, the exhibition hall "Riga Art Space" will feature an exhibition "Between the Visible Borders" created jointly by the artist Pēteris Sidars and the poet Pāvils Raudonis.

By using such industrial materials as plastic, silicone and various cable wires, in his exhibition "Between the Visible Borders" artist Pēters Sidars reveals a series of works in increasingly new and untamed techniques, blurring the line between genres and traditional assumptions about classical works of art. A textile artist by education, P.Sidars melds the different raw materials as threads into a single composition, where each element becomes an important layer in the overall interplay of colour and texture. An important aspect of the works exhibited as a part of “Between the Visible Borders” is added by the haikus, triolets and sonnets authored by the poet Pāvils Raudonis, which serve as a secret thread that can help to unravel the meaning of the artwork.

The artist himself says: "Poetry is rhythm and word, fine art is colour and shape. Together they constitute a single work of art that invites the viewer to cross the visible borders. The viewers will find themselves in this transitional stage. Like poetry, abstract art asks questions about silence and solitude, breathing and extension of the view. I see a flickering of emotion in it, tragedy, gentle thoughts and fate, which will be the sum total of this exhibition."

In the course of the creation of the exhibition, the artist revealed that one of the works was inspired by a groundskeeper's broom, another is called "The Gardener's Island", which is a geographical element plucked from childhood, another one is called "Scarecrow". However, the exhibition itself deliberately avoids naming the works to spark association and freedom of imagination, allowing each person to step over their own visible borders.

Pēteris Sidars (1948) attended Liepāja Secondary School of Applied Arts and continued his studies in the Art Academy of Latvia Department of Textile Art. Since 1976 he has had regular exhibitions in Latvia and abroad, he has organised a series of personal exhibitions in Latvia. He has won international recognition in art festivals, biennials, contests, symposiums in Italy, Poland, Belgium, Japan, Switzerland, France, Mexico, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark, USA, China etc.

Exhibition curator: Luīze Lismane

The exhibition will be open to visitors until 17 March.

"Between the Visible Borders" is organised by the Association of Culture Institutions of Riga City Council and the exhibition hall “Riga Art Space” with the support of the State Culture Capital Foundation.