"Art Nouveau in Riga. A Decade of the Collection"


From 21 June, 2019, the exhibition “Art Nouveau in Riga. A Decade of the Collection” welcomes visitors at the art gallery “Riga Art Space”. The exhibition introduces the collection the museum has created over a decade through very accurate and purposeful work. Museum “Riga Art Nouveau Centre” is the only museum in Latvia that preserves and promotes the cultural and historic heritage of Art Nouveau.

“Art Nouveau in Riga. A Decade of the Collection” offers a diverse and interactive insight in the cultural and historic heritage of Riga Art Nouveau in the European context. It introduces the visitors with the aesthetic world, culture and household traditions of the beginnings of 1900s.

The exhibited objects are surprisingly refined and elegant in their style. The wide ranging porcelain, faience, glass and metal collections, interior objects, luxuriant female and male clothing and accessories, books and periodicals provide an insight in the art life of the inhabitants of Riga and illustrate the culture aspirations and daily routine of 1900s. The handicrafts inherited from generation to generation demonstrate the creative skill of the women practising crafts. The photos and photo albums feature the technical capacity of Riga photo shops and show the clothing characteristic to the Art Nouveau period. The painting and graphic art collection of the museum shows the pieces created by several outstanding artists of the Art Nouveau period, such as Rozentals, Borherts, Brencens etc. The exhibition also provides an insight into the creative activities of two outstanding architects: Konstantins Peksens and Vilhelms Bokslafs. The visitors will also see the lounge and dining room interiors characteristic to the beginnings of the 20th century featuring authentic elements of the style.

In the exhibition “Art Nouveau in Riga. A Decade of the Collection” the visitor through the diverse set of artefacts of the period will find an attractive, wide ranging presentation of the aesthetic values and culture and history processes of the period, their significance and influences both in Riga and European context.

The exhibition is organized by the museum “Riga Art Nouveau Centre” of the Association of Culture Institutions of Riga City Council and art gallery “Riga Art Space”.

Exhibition “Art Nouveau in Riga. A Decade of the Collection” will be open at Riga Art Space, Kungu iela 3, until 22 September, 2019.