Workshop ‘Screen and Child’

07.05.2022. 12:00-16:00

Technology can simultaneously provide entertainment and facilitate work, and also enable users to acquire information and knowledge rapidly. Over the last 30 years, the amount of technology and screens in society has increased. Where once a family shared one desktop computer, people now own more devices than there are opportunities to use them. Even very young children, at first intuitively and later consciously, consume the wide range of services offered by technology: cartoons, games, and social networks. This begets a question – what will still life look like in the future in a reality that consists of screens? Together with artist Līga Spunde, children and young people will have the opportunity to create their own world of screens in the workshop “Screen and Child” and construct a still life that summarises their era.

The educational programme that accompanies the exhibition Screen Age III: Still Life at this year's Riga Photography Biennial focuses on social diversity, particularly on creating a more inclusive society for the future. Current global changes make it possible to comprehend and accept the diversity of bodies and minds, something that is relevant to everyone and likely to affect future generations. By recognising that everyone is different, we create opportunities for breaking down societal stigmas and stereotypes that are particularly pertinent to medically defined concepts because these tend to serve more as social barriers and less as representations of people’s lives. Since children are our future, the fact that everyone is different should be acknowledged from an early age through approaches that consider the diversity of our bodies and minds.

In cooperation with the Autism Society of Latvia, the “Screen and Child” workshop has been adapted to be accessible to children with autism spectrum disorder. It is possible to overcome social stigmas and to inspire a more creative and inclusive future with the help of art. The workshop is intended for children and their parents and aims to encourage people to reflect on what they want to be and what future we see for our children. Embracing diversity can make the still life of our future more accessible and inclusive, regardless of whether it includes screens or not.

Materials provided. Entrance fee: 50 % off price. Language: Latvian

Workshop Facilitator: Līga Spunde (LV)
Curator: Agnese Zviedre (LV)
Image: Publicity image by Agnese Zviedre