Series of Talks ‘Self-Isolation’: with Deniss Hanovs

01.06.2022. 18:00

The development of technology in the 21st century and the emergence of social networks has made it possible for people to be together and connected no matter where they are. This has enabled us to contemplate a more accessible and inclusive society whilst, at the same time, it has contributed to misinformation, polarisation, and political manipulation by targeting people's fears and feelings of uncertainty. Instead of uniting people, these platforms now provide opportunities for disseminating beliefs that divide society. Within the framework of the educational programme of the Riga Photography Biennial's exhibition Screen Age III: Still Life III, the series of talks “Self-Isolation” will examine the subject of society's still life through the prism of isolation and self-isolation.

In 2020, all of us were required to self-isolate for epidemiological reasons. The restrictions in Latvia were mild compared to those in other countries and a large part of society deemed the decisions that the government made to be adequate and considerate towards society and public health. However, there were also groups of people that expressed concern about how the restrictions would limit socialisation and experienced these measures to be a forced isolation that deprived people of their freedom and opportunities. Meanwhile, there are many groups of people in Latvia who isolate (out of fear for their own safety, for example) or who are metaphorically isolated. Although each of us has felt isolated at some point in our lives, whether due to personal or global circumstances, it begets a question – what are we like in this technological age and what does isolation and self-isolation mean today?

The “Self-Isolation” series proposes to address issues that might be awkward and stigmatised and are therefore not adequately addressed or discussed. There will be four talks as part of the exhibition that will focus on four different topics that are relevant to society: the experiences of women and young mothers; ageing and social care; mental health, depression, and burnout; the integration of ethnic minorities in Latvia that has been ongoing for more than 30 years. Various forms of isolation and self-isolation will be discussed and analysed in conversation with specialists from different fields. These talks will attempt to help us understand what we can do to reduce isolation and build a more inclusive society.

Entrance fee: 50 % off price. Language: Latvian. At the event sign-language interpreter will be present.

May 11 18:00 with Anna Žabicka
May 19 18:00 with Artūrs Miksons
May 25 18:00 with Agra Lieģe-Doležko
June 1 18:00 with Deniss Hanovs

Participants: Deniss Hanovs (LV) 
Curator: Agnese Zviedre (LV)
Image: Publicity Photo by Agnese Zviedre

Image:Deniss Hanovs (LV)